Bryan Lewis Saunders: Self Portraits under the Influence.


Bryan Saunders, a fine arts graduate of the East Tennessee State University, USA, subjected himself to ‘artistic clinical trials’ of various substances which are known and not so known ‘mind benders’. In wanting to re-configure perceptions of the self, while articulating the self via media, Saunders resorted to the intake of the likes of Xanax, Ambien, Cephalexin, Loritab, Crystalmeth and such, over a period of time. The results are ‘psychotropic’, to say the least. Saunders suffered some cerebral damage after these experiments. Please, please do not try this at home, office, or anywhere else for that matter. What is of interest is the visual re-construction and re-presentation of the self in each case.

Ativan / Haloperidol (dosage unknown in hospital)

10mg Zyprexa (after 2 weeks in hospital)

50mg Zoloft

2mg Xanax

Valium IV, (Albuterol, Saline & Oxygen mixture)

Valium I.V. (dosage unknown in hospital)

20mg Valium

100mg Trazadone

100mg Seroquel

Salvia Divinorum (right before but mostly right after)

Ritilin (dosage unknown-snorted)

4mg Risperdol

Marijuana Resin

1 Glass of Pruno

2 Pot Brownies

7.5mg Percocet


Nitrous Oxide / Valium I.V. (dosage unknown in hospital)

Nitrous Oxide

2mg Nicotine Gum (after quitting smoking for 2 months)

Psilocybin Mushrooms (2 caps onset)

Morphine IV (dosage unknown)

G13 Marijuana

Marijuana (Kine Bud)

10mg Loritab

3mg Klonopin

7.5mg Hydrocodone / 7.5mg Oxycodone / 3mg Xanax

Huffing Lighter Fluid (during and right after)

Huffing Gas (during and right after)

60mg Geodon

DMT (during and after)

1 shot of Dilaudid / 3 shots of Morphine (In the ER with kidney stones)

4mg Dilaudid

1 “Bump” of Crystalmeth

2 bottles of Cough Syrup

Computer Duster (2 squirts)

1/2 gram Cocaine

250mg Cephalexin (painted w/ watercolor pencil, water and cephalexin)

Butane Honey Oil

4 Butalbitals (dosage unknown)

15mg Buspar (snorted)

Bath Salts

10mg Ambien

10mg Adderall

1 sm Glass of “real” Absinth

90mg Abilify (after 3 months usage 3x maximum dose)

Abilify / Xanax / Ativan (dosage unknown in hospital)

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14 Comments on "Bryan Lewis Saunders: Self Portraits under the Influence."

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Lukas Morkunas

hello. I really like your art work would you be able to sell any of these works?

Lance Mulroy

Inquiring American minds would like to know; and Saunders is an inquiring American.


may I say, stunning experiment, and at what risks! Hope Bryan is up and about. There will always be a few who push the boundaries, for better or for worse

Harry Potter



What can i say…..amazing visions…and very intersting to see the many selves within one self..i think of this often..very philosophical work ..i think


I’m not sure if he is courageous or plain foolish, nice skills though.

K Graziani

More than anything else – insightful!


Certainly takes a lot of courage to do something like this…and some of them are amazing. Art is beautiful, and I like the fact that each of the portraits are so different from the other.

T Luedke

Fascinating study. Hope the artist is back to normalcy. raises the question, how far are you willing to go for art’s sake.


he hospitalized himself doing this? how crazy is that!


Some of these are amazing, I can only imagine what he might have attempted via these portraits. for me, I would not even lift a pencil after intake, forget self portraits haha


always wanted to do this, but never got round to it :) hope Bryan has recovered well. Courageous and well, foolish at the same time..but who am I to judge? Peaceout

N Rozman

I like the Valium one and the PCP one