InterMedia Doctoral Research Fellowship, University of Oslo, Norway

Two research fellowships are available at InterMedia, University of Oslo, for work within the research group CHANGE. CHANGE is an interdisciplinary research group that aims to push the boundaries of design and the use of digital environments in learning and communication. This research group explore design, use of and learning with technology-based environments in schools, museums and workplace settings.

The proposed starting date for the fellowship is spring 2013 onwards.

A Master degree or equivalent in an area of relevance to the topic of the PhD research project.
The research fellow positions require documented academic expertise in an area relevant to the proposed PhD research project.
Applicants must document the requirements for admission to the PhD programme.
Personal prerequisites to carry out the PhD-project within the time limit.

Competitive salary
A challenging, academically stimulating work environment
Favourable pension arrangements
Attractive welfare arrangements

Application deadline: 14 November, 2012

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Hi, Is IELTS/TOEFL compulsory for this?


Hope this works out.


Thanks for this. I wrote to the professor there, and will be expecting a reply.


University of Oslo is inviting but I have heard norway is very expensive, and does anyone know whether international students r allowed to work up to 20 hours per week (correct me if i’m mistaken). I want to know the average payment per hour or per week ( the Average among all jobs). Anyone? (in case fellowship does not happen)


ty for posting this sir