Melvyn Bragg: In Our Time – Analytic and Continental Philosophy

British broadcaster and author Melvyn Bragg hosts one of the most invigorating BBC Radio 4 discussion programmes titled ‘In Our Time‘. Over 500 episodes now, Lord Bragg and his various discussion guests engage with the history of ideas, across the plural and complex domains of culture, history, philosophy, religion, science and politics. In this episode of ‘In Our Time’ Bragg and his guests discuss the Analytic-Continental split in Western philosophy. The Analytic school favours a logical, scientific approach, in contrast to the Continental emphasis on the importance of time and place. They go on to discuss the origins of this split and poses queries as to whether it is possible for contemporary philosophers to bridge the gap. The guests for this episode are: Dr. Stephen Mulhall of New College, University of Oxford, Dr. Beatrice Han-Pile of the University of Essex and Dr. Hans Johann-Glock of the University of Zurich.

Analytic-Continental Split


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9 Comments on "Melvyn Bragg: In Our Time – Analytic and Continental Philosophy"

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Did not know of this podcast, thanks for sharing man


Excellent… I always wondered what continental philosophy could be…more familiar with the culinary continental lol


hmm who’s the TV historian who wears a black leather jacket and sunglasses, looks a bit like Melvyn Bragg. anyone?

Javier S

I think I will side with the Continental argument. But on the other hand, mathematics can and does explain the entire universe.


‘History of the world in a 100 objects’ from BBC is the best podcast I’ve listened ever. ‘In our time with Melvyn Bragg’ comes a close second. Thank you

thunderbird rider

agree with anne felton, informative and its good to listen to a discussion in these video days. Reminds me of the time I was growing up,,radio Gaga

Ol gal

Danke schon for this. I keep checking your blog for updates, please make more regular posts

Anne Felton

Very informative….Not sure i got all of it, but philosphy has always intrigued me.


I’ve recently got a thirst for knowledge and have started to listen to the In Our Time podcast…I am hooked :D