National Geographic Photo Contest 2012: Entries

Danielle Lefrancois: Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Canada

Last year the National Geographic Photo Contest saw more than 20,000 entries from over 130 countries. This year there are three categories, like before: People, Places, and Nature. Amateurs as well as professionals are sending in their entries for 2012. Take a look at some of them.

Lukasz Piech: Field worker, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Zachary Bako: Tonle Sap Great Lake, Cambodia

Michaela May: Safari, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Bill Tang: Milky Way, Joshua Tree National Park, USA

John Gaskell: Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, White Sand Ridge, Little Bahama Bank, Bahamas

Money Sharma: Dahi Handi, Mumbai, India

Kirk Nielsen: Great White Shark, off Guadalupe Island, Mexico

Ondrej Zaruba: Happy buffalo and frogs, Sri Lanka

Aditya Waikul: Jyotiba Tample, Maharashtra, India

Mohf Nadly Aizat Mohd Nudri: Foggy Pier, Lake Brunner, New Zealand

Ashley Vincent: Tigress, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Thailand

See the rest of the entries here

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12 Comments on "National Geographic Photo Contest 2012: Entries"

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K Lampton

I recently took a trip to Peru, and many of my friends like the pictures so much that they suggest that I enter some contests. Besides the one in National Geographic, I think there other sites/ publications/ organizations where I can enter my photos for competition. Still searching, wish me luck!

Keerti Roy

Stunning images.

Edwina Burgoyne

Fantastico! The world and the creatures in it are so beautiful.

C Seiter

Absolutely delightful. Images are so powerful!


I love the foggy pier by the lake brunner! so much of mystery and mood, and b & w turns me on lolol

chandra l

How does anyone choose one over the other?? UNfair comp!

Tridib C

Mumbai!!!!!!!!! UNbeatable colours.


Lord, the Tigress!


Great travel photos. My family and I are planning to go to Alberta, Canada for a vacation and I have heard so much about the Banff National Park. Seeing the first picture, I definitely must go there!


The Indian temple photograph is stunning. Love the colors.


The zoo tiger for me. :) I saw this photo on fb earlier, i thought it was a tiger in the wild, now I know it is a zoo animal. takes nothing away frm the picture though.