New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships. Deadline: 16 July, 2012.

The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) are funded by the New Zealand Government. Recipients are selected upon Academic Merit and the NZIDRS provides full tuition fees, plus living and other allowances for successful applicants.

NZIDRS scholarships include:

  • Full tuition fees for three years of full-time doctoral study
  • NZ$25,000 per annum living allowance (NZ$2,083.33 per month).
  • Up to NZ$600 annual health insurance allowance

  • NZ$2,000 (across 3 year tenure) travel allowance. This is intended to be used for conference attendance and field research
  • NZ$800 (across 3 year tenure) book and thesis allowance
  • NZ$500 one-off establishment allowance. Only to be paid to those students who are travelling to NZ specifically to take up the NZIDRS. No student already located in NZ is eligible to receive this amount.
  • Additional funds are not available to support accompanying dependants.
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I think NZ is a quite a dull place to be in University wise. Completed my Masters from there, wish I had gone elsewhere. Just my two cents.


I hope this works out for me. Thanks.


Between California, USA and Christchurch, New Zealand which is a better study destination? I mean of the two which provides better Univ opportunities?


thanks for the post.


Thanks for posting.


My actual field is microbial diversity. with full scholarship i want to get a post doctoral position in the said country.any leads peeps?

Back to school

I’m considering going back to school for my Ph.D. I already owe money from getting my Master degrees. I really don’t want to take out anymore loans. I’m considering Instructional Technology or Business Administration – Management or Accounting. Does this scholarship cover these disciplines?

Undergrad Student

I’m currently an undergrad student at Georgia State University and I’m trying to transfer to New Zealand.

The only scholarships I can find for Americans to study in NZ are mostly for graduate students or post doctoral research. I’ve been looking everywhere I can think of but I need some help.

Does anyone know of any creative places to find international scholarships for undergrad students?