Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships, Canada. 2013-2014



Social Sciences and Humanities. Open to international and Canadian applicants. Up to 15 Trudeau Scholarships are awarded each year to support doctoral candidates pursuing research of compelling present-day concern, pertinent to one or more of the four themes of the Trudeau Foundation:

(1) human rights and dignity; (2) responsible citizenship; (3) Canada in the world; and (4) people and their natural environment.

Trudeau Scholars are highly gifted individuals who are actively engaged in their fields and expected to become leading national and international figures. Far beyond being simply financial assistance, the Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship offers award winners the opportunity to interact with an exciting community of leaders and committed individuals in every field of the social sciences and humanities.

Value and Duration of Scholarship
1. $40,000 tenable for Three Years
2. An annual allowance of $20,000 available to support research related travel expenses and to cover networking expenses associated with the Foundation’s Public Interaction program.

Applications are initiated in one of two ways. Either

a. Through a Canadian University: Universities in Canada hold annual internal competitions in which six to eight candidates per institution, including affiliated schools, are selected as nominees. The top SSHRC-funded universities are allowed to propose up to eight candidates per institution, including affiliated schools.

b. Through a Foreign University: Foreign universities can propose up to eight candidates per institution, including affiliated schools and colleges. Letters of nomination must be signed by a high-ranking official of the institution. In requesting a nomination from a foreign university, candidates should provide the nominating authority with their completed application form and all supporting documents. These must be submitted to the Foundation by the nominating authority of the foreign university.

Further information (pdf)

Trudeau Foundation

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Dear sir,

i want to do my PhD in English literature, now i am a senior lecturer in a private university in Bangladesh. I have two 2nd class in BA (Hons) and MA. Do i have a chance?


I have done my architecture and I would like to get my Doctoral degree as well. I was wondering if Canada has some recommended Doctoral programmes in architecture. I am have been looking online, and I am really confused!


the procedure seems tiresome…especially because the applicant has to be nominated…the difficult gets even more difficult *sigh*


Thanks for posting..

R Sharma

is it for all subjects of Humanities and social Sciences?


*fingers crossed* :) ty btw


sir, good evening. i m writing from burkina faso. can you guide me 4 scholarship 4 masters in biology. i need fund.


hi, i hv bookmarked ur megaphone.