Maleonn Ma: Theatricus Surrealis

Shanghai, China native, and graphic design major from the Fine Arts College of Shanghai University, Maleonn Ma conjures up evocative still images weaving in a complex tapestry of memories soaked in surreal flakes. Measured, yet pushing on an unseen edginess, and bordering on imploding on the self, Maleonn’s work has theatrical roots, and often requires some form of stagecraft or the other – not excluding the usage of actors, costumes, props, decor, mood light and so on. This, one attributes to his family background in the Beijing Opera and the traditional performing arts, and his proximity to theater and the visual arts. Unfazed by titles, genres and typification of various kinds, Maleonn responds intuitively to his artistic journey, taking on projects of varying challenges and complexity, at times with a dash of humor. Take a look.

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Maurice H

Isn’t all art and beauty in the eye of the beholder? If I think Magritte, Dix, Van Gogh, Monet, and Raphael are great and Harring, Pollock, and Warhol are totally over-rated, how is my opinion worth any less than someone who has taken lots of art appreciating and art history classes…who gets to determine what is great and important art and what isn’t. Maleonn’s work is striking, but all art nowadays appears to be manifestations of a larger mercantile reality.


thank you sir for posting these lesser known creative artists,,


Love his sense of humor! :-)