PhD position: Ethnography of Northern Landscapes. Norway 2013

3 year full time PhD position on the ethnography of Northern landscapes, at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) and the Barents Institute in Kirkenes

The position is associated to the Future North project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council within its SAMKUL Program. Future North aims to map and document the current Arctic and Subarctic landscapes through experimental interactive modes of mapping.

The team includes 4 researchers from architecture, landscape, design, media, and social sciences, as well as 3 PhD fellows.

Founded on a conception of landscape as a shared human experience, the PhD project should aim to bring to the foreground the voices of Northern residents -indigenous, non-indigenous, and new-comers. Eligible PhD-proposals should aim to develop strategies for mapping the landscapes of aspirations, disappointments, and desires as the Arctic advances headlong into massive industrialization, exploration for more resources, and speculative planning.

Application deadline: 8th April 2013

Fellowship commencement: September 2013

For further application details, go here

Queries to be directed to: Research administrator Steinar Heldal [steinar.heldal (at)] or Project leader Janike Kampevold Larsen [janike.larsen (at)]

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Dear sir, I am from cameroon, and I really need a scholarship for phd. please help. thank you kindly.


merci beaucoup!


what are the advantages of a Norway phd study,,,cost of living would be more I suppose,,?


Looks interesting…ty

Harper Mckinley

My brother is planning to go into a Norwegian fellowship and is trying to get an idea of how much he should budget for the following years…..I’m sure he’ll be plenty fine but does anyone have the slightest clue?


Say I’m burnt out after my Bachelor’s and want to work for a while, then go to graduate school. I hope a get a decent enough fellowship then. I really want to study further in europe


i was looking for mmulti-dsiciplinary research fellowships in design, this is a pleasant find..hope it works out,,,

T Courbet

came here via Twitter. Appreciate the hard work put in behind this blog.


I am a British doctor who graduated in the Philippines (thus MD instead of MBBS). Then I went on to pursue a degree in Architecture from the Czech Republic! I was looking out for fellowships for Doctoral research in Architecture and Ethnography. Thank you for twitting this.