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Clive Cooper: Watermelon Sculptor!

An artist has to find expression, whatever be the medium. Art enthusiast, and now rather well known sculptor Clive Cooper makes his living as a full-time government clerk out of Vancouver, Canada, where he pursues sculpting as a hobby and as a means to supplement his income by providing his sculptures for weddings and parties. Halloween as one would expect, is always a busy time for him. Working with a remarkably difficult and ephemeral medium, he makes short work of it. Take a look.

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Mitch Dobrowner – Fine Art Photography

Inspired by Ansel Adams in his early years, American fine art photographer Dobrowner produces imagery which is ‘painterly’ more than anything else. I am not sure whether that is good or bad, but the end results are grand indeed. The decision to not engage with colour comes from the lineage of Adamsian photographic practice, and also the broad sweep of Dobrowner’s vistas puts the viewer in a unique privileged position. Take a look.

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Jason de Graaf – Acrylic artist extraordinaire.

It took me a while to assimilate Canadian artist de Graaf’s paintings because they are so photographic in their communicative appeal. M.C Escher tributes are certainly visible, and I guess its de Graaf’s way of thanking the Maestro for lessons in optics, reflective surfaces and geometric precision. What you see and what you are about to see, believe it or not, is acrylic on canvas.

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Street Art I

I have always regarded ‘street art’ with a great deal of respect, primarily because it does not seek a gallery audience, is embalmed with a ‘guerillaesque’ spirit, creates ‘beauty’ in ‘ugliness’, has ‘transformative’ and metamorphic goals, is skeptical and irreverent, and mostly, the creators seek anonymity. So unlike the art-market gallery space.

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