Melvyn Bragg: In Our Time – Analytic and Continental Philosophy

British broadcaster and author Melvyn Bragg hosts one of the most invigorating BBC Radio 4 discussion programmes titled ‘In Our Time‘. Over 500 episodes now, Lord Bragg and his various discussion guests engage with the history of ideas, across the plural and complex domains of culture, history, philosophy, religion, science and politics. In this episode of ‘In Our Time’ Bragg and his guests discuss the Analytic-Continental split in Western philosophy. The Analytic school favours a logical, scientific approach, in contrast to the Continental emphasis on the importance of time and place. They go on to discuss the origins of this split and poses queries as to whether it is possible for contemporary philosophers to bridge the gap. The guests for this episode are: Dr. Stephen Mulhall of New College, University of Oxford, Dr. Beatrice Han-Pile of the University of Essex and Dr. Hans Johann-Glock of the University of Zurich.

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Anthony Giddens lectures at the USC Annenberg: On Globalization

‘Globalization and Communication’ is what Anthony Giddens lectures about in this recording from 2008 at the USC Annenberg. A sociologist of considerable repute and a prolific author to boot, Giddens talks about the impact and debate of globalization, calling it the single most important debate of the beginning of this century. He also considers this as one of many debates pointing to the dislocation with the enlightenment project. Includes a Q & A with a pointer to India as well. Give it a listen, accept OR reject him.

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Michel Foucault: Self and Subjectivity (Lecture). 1983

The work of late French historian and philosopher Michel Foucault wields a wide and considerable influence on structuralist and post structuralist thought across a broad range of disciplines in philosophy, humanities and social sciences, to this day. I was quite excited to hear Foucault’s voice in this, articulating his thoughts as only he can. The ultra heavy French accent takes a while to listen in to, but once you do, the ride is great. He examines Western culture’s conceptual development of individual subjectivity. Recorded at the University of California, Berkeley, April 1983. (Note: There are some distortions in the audio once a while (sound sped up), but the ‘rough patches’ get over quickly.)

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The Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps. 1990

The Jeff Healey Band - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (HQ Audio).wmv

1990 | Jeff Healey: lead vocals, guitar | Joe Rockman: bass guitar, backing vocals | Tom Stephen: drums, George Harrison: backing vocals, acoustic guitar | Jeff Lynne: backing vocals, acoustic guitar.


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