Julia Kristeva: In Conversation

French-Bulgarian psychoanalyst Julia Kristeva occupies an enviable seat in the rarefied arena of female philosophers in the expansive traditions of western thought and philosophy; although, I do get the sense that she does not quite wear the singular ‘descriptor’ of ‘philosopher’ with ease, for her ‘oeuvre’ is anything but conventional and she continues to bring together insights from fields as far flung as religious scholarship, avant-garde literature, psychoanalytic theory, and philosophy. In one of my quests to comprehend religious belief better, I picked up Kristeva’s ‘This Incredible Need to Believe’ (2011) a couple of years ago, and was much the wiser for it. Kristeva is possibly part of a philosophic tradition that takes the notion of ‘Subjectivity’ as a starting point. Read More…

Judith Butler, Gender Theorist

Judith Butler is the Maxine Elliot professor in the departments of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California, Berkeley and this 2006 ‘bio-pic’ by Paule Zajdermann (for German French TV Channel ‘arte’) gives a perspective on her intellectual life and her influential thought. This includes interviews and sections of her lectures. (in English and French with French subtitles | split into six parts). The voice-over is in French (without subtitles), but thankfully its brief, and, she speaks in English (with a bit of German). Sync problem with part four, just listen in.

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