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International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) at QUT, Australia. 2012

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) are prestigious scholarships, funded by the federal Government to encourage exceptional students to undertake research higher degrees in Australia.

Student type: Future international research students

Eligibility: Academic performance

Study type: Postgraduate research (PhD / Masters)

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Carl Gustav Jung: An Extraordinary Journey. 1957

In this candid 1957 interview, conducted just four years prior to his death, influential thinker and founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung discusses his remarkable life and career – from early work with Sigmund Freud and Jung’s break with psychoanalysis to his groundbreaking explorations of the dream world. Guided by insightful interviewer Richard I. Evans, this conversation is at once an intimate self-portrait and a unique commentary on the scope and meaning of his life’s work.

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Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School. 1978

In this rare televised broadcast from February 2, 1978, the philosopher and political theorist Herbert Marcuse explains how the Frankfurt School re-evaluated Marxism when world economic crisis failed to destroy capitalism as predicted by Marx. He also analyses the philosophical roots of the student rebellions of the sixties. Its intruiging to see Marcuse explain his philosophical and political positioning. (Split into five parts. Language is English.)

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