Jeff Nichols: Take Shelter. 2011

“There is a storm coming…like nothing you have ever seen, and not one of you is prepared for it” screams Curtis (played by the very talented Michael Shannon) in American director Jeff Nichols‘ film ‘Take Shelter‘ (2011). I would say nothing quite prepares one for a film like ‘Take Shelter’ as strands of the real and the non-real interweave to create this tapestry of a brooding, melancholic and menacing exploration of notions of anxiety, marriage and commitment, and communication in interpersonal relationships. This is probably one of the few films from that year that made me sit up and take notice of the classic independent cinema. A theme of a married couple with a young child going through difficult and intense times is a theme that has played on screens in darkened halls over decades now, and therein lies Nichols’ genius, for he takes this familiar as a doorbell universal theme, and retells it with a mastery and a quiet restraint far beyond his years. Touching on ideas of marital conflict, anxiety and society, mental illness, and communication breakdowns, ‘Take Shelter’ has the makings of an early twenty first century film classic, reflecting our troubled times, as much as times past. In a directorial masterstroke, Nichols denies the pleasure of narrative closure, and leaves the audience collectively experiencing a range of emotions. Watch.

TAKE SHELTER - Movies 2011 - Sci Fi Movies Full Length [ HD 1080 ]


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