Persuaded not to perspire! Early deodorant advertisements.

How did urbanites, like us, get so daily dependent on the ubiquitous spray can of deo? For a long time deodorants and antiperspirants were niche products and were often perceived as unnecessary and unhealthy. The late 19th C and the early 20th C saw advertising come to the rescue of a disastrously failing product, and the rest is sprayed history. 1888, was when the first deodorant (kills odor-producing bacteria) called Mum was trademarked and the first antiperspirant (preventing sweat-production and bacterial growth) was called Everdry and launched in 1903. Later in 1912 an enterprising young lady started a company selling an antiperspirant – Odorono (Odor? Oh No!). Yes, as blunt as that. Modern sensibilities might find some of these advertisements insensitive, sexist and incorrect. But don’t fall into that ‘armhole’.

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Du Pont Cellophane: Advertisements 1930-1950

Cellophane was a novelty once, and Du Pont pushed very hard to propagate the ‘cellophane’ idea, and were convinced that the way to reach households is through housewives, and the way to reach housewives is through baby imagery. Babies, condom analogies and appeals to clothesline snatchers. A lesson in why it may not be such a good idea to push too hard. Take a look. 1930-1950. “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry”.

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