Justin James Muir: Portrait photographer and ‘A Book Of Beards’

Portrait photographer Justin James Muir conceived the ‘Book of Beards’ after he moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA, where he perceived what he called a ‘bold beard culture’. His friend Mike, who is featured on the cover suffers from cancer, and all the proceeds from the ‘Book of Beards’ go to cancer aid along with covering Mike’s medical bills. Take a hairy look.

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Mitch Dobrowner – Fine Art Photography

Inspired by Ansel Adams in his early years, American fine art photographer Dobrowner produces imagery which is ‘painterly’ more than anything else. I am not sure whether that is good or bad, but the end results are grand indeed. The decision to not engage with colour comes from the lineage of Adamsian photographic practice, and also the broad sweep of Dobrowner’s vistas puts the viewer in a unique privileged position. Take a look.

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