Faiza Ahmad Khan: Supermen of Malegaon. 2008

Probably one of the best tributes to ‘cinephilia’ emerging out of India this century. Set in the industrial power loom town of Malegaon in Maharashtra, India, Faiza Khan weaves an engaging narrative crafted around very special and spirited people, unified by their endearing zeal and love for cinema. An elaborate behind the scenes, as it were, fortunately does not descend into dull trivia. What remains is the love, spirit, passion, and the unforgettable loom worker turned superhero, the late Shaikh Shafique. And, if you generally want to know why film-making is no laughing matter, see this.

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Thomas Balmès: Bébé(s) [Babies] 2010

In ‘Babies‘ non-fiction filmmaker Thomas Balmès weaves an engaging narrative chronicling a year in the lives of four infants from four countries. Simple enough premise, but executed with great mastery, and it really feels like he did not have to try very hard. What gave me pleasure was the fact that this is a ‘silent film’, unencumbered by cinematic excesses of lensing, hyper-cutting, voice-overs and what not. Accompanied by an understated yet effective musical score by Bruno Coulais, get ready to welcome little Bayar, Hattie, Mari and Ponijao into your lives. Watch. Read More…

DOC NOMADS Short-term Scholarships for Third-Country Scholars 2013-2014

Opportunity for documentary film-makers and documentary scholars: DOC NOMADS offers short-term scholarships to third-country scholars to undertake teaching and research activities in the context of the joint programme. Scholars interested in an Erasmus Mundus scholarship should apply directly to DOC NOMADS Secretariat and their application will go through a competitive selection process organised by the Academic Board of the consortium.

The scholars will be invited to stay: in Lisbon in the autumn of 2012, in Budapest in the spring of 2013, in Brussels in the autumn of 2013, in Lisbon, in Budapest or in Brussels in the spring of 2014.

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