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Shout-outs!! (In no particular order)

TestimonialBGYour courses were always the best. By the way, just went through a bit of your website. It’s great! Some good stuff in there that I wouldn’t normally chance upon

George Joseph

TestimonialBZPhoto gallery: wow!!! they are gorgeous!!

Alyen Leeachum Foning

TestimonialCPhoto gallery: what a visual delight! Absolutely brilliant…thanks for sharing…love seeing your photography.

Vatsala Tyagi

TestimonialBKGrt milindo. eachtime want to check out something good on net…know where to go now!

Vatsala Tyagi

TestimonialBVOldest operating bookstore in the world! From a blog of a reputed and beloved design faculty @Milindo_Taid  :)


TestimonialQStill a fan of your unique and sweet finger strum on acoustic guitar. It made an ordinary guitar sound great. Would just love to see and hear one of those too.

Ambar Das

TestimonialBNHi Milindo, hope you are inspiring many more around you…wherever you are!

Eva Gagan Pratap

TestimonialJHappy teachers day! Out of all, your teachings n your way of being have really made a big positive impact on me.

Former student

TestimonialBTI discover TL of a writer and respected intellectual, with a tolerant, global conscience: @GhoshAmitav – tx @Milindo_Taid

Alejandro Pisanty

TestimonialPIts really good to see you Milindo, with such awesome stuff from you as usual.. loved your blog as well!

Showbhit Chahal

TestimonialWPhoto gallery: Love your colourful decisive moments, very inspiring!

Pushan Chakravarty

TestimonialRYou’re a role model sir, such awesomeness !!! :D

Anumeha Succena

TestimonialZPhoto gallery: Fabulous body of work Milindo. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Mithun Rodwittiya

TestimonialBOPhoto gallery: really lovely!

Priya Sen

TestimonialBCNever thought I’d say this, but it was the most interesting classes I’ve sat in.. and of course, the day you played Sultans of Swing for us. Hope you continue to influence the next generations with your dynamic yet simple teachings.

Varsha Ravindranath

TestimonialJUtterly Brilliant! I just thought you should know that you have engaged another human with your work here, and for that I thank you!

Stephen Banks

TestimonialBLove your site Milindo. I was excited to see you displaying my husband’s watermelon carvings

Sharon Smith

TestimonialBFPhoto gallery: Wow! I’m a fan

Upasana Nattoji

TestimonialUAbsolutely amazing blog – a chest full of treasure.

Shweta Mohapatra

TestimonialBYPhoto gallery: What a treat :) thank you!

Ananya Roy

TestimonialJYou have inspired so many. :)

Former Student

TestimonialBWPhoto Gallery: Very nicely captured Milind.

Gayatri Kapoor

TestimonialNOMG its like a painting!! you have taken photography to another level!!!

Azmin Sopariwala

TestimonialBQThis is by far amongst the best curated creative content sites out there and the eye and vision of one man, when good, works better than any funded team. Inspired enormously once again :)

Mahua Sen

TestimonialDPhoto gallery: Each and every photograph is stunning !

Tridip K Mandal

TestimonialOPhoto gallery: All are visual treats…amazing Milindo

Pratim Chelleng

TestimonialBJYou are inimitable!

Samvartha 'Sahil'

TestimonialHgreat blog :)

Tanya Bhandari

TestimonialVGuitar in your hand reminds me of the MCRC days! You are terrific… :)

Praveen Singh

TestimonialSPhoto gallery: wow Milindo .. awesome photographs .. loved the colors in each and every one.

Abhishek Sahu

TestimonialGPhoto gallery: Gorgeous

Jasdeep Pannu

TestimonialBLMilind never told u but u were my first true inspiration….I almost learnt the guitar watching u play…..thanx for being there

Akshay Ghildiyal

TestimonialBXYou are the only faculty member I could connect to!

Former student

TestimonialBDWe need more teachers like you :)

Aeshna Roy

TestimonialJThis is great…..in fact the entire website is a wonderful treasure. thanks sir!

Nityanshu Sharma

TestimonialBRYour website is full of delightful posts. I’m going to have to watch where my time goes when I’m visiting! :)

Marianna Paulson

 Just detected your blog: impressive. wishing you continued inspiration and health.

Gerard Rutteman aka Drager Meurtant

TestimonialBSSo glad you enjoyed my photos, really honored to be featured on your blog. thank you sir!

Ronen Goldman

TestimonialFlove ur pics…they are like those moments which u capture in your mind and wished u had a camera right at that moment to capture it…but u actually do capture them :) beautiful…!!!

Anjali Vasa Sheth

TestimonialKPhoto Gallery: Your photos are so inspiring

Jaya Kanwar

TestimonialBMPhoto Gallery: Your eyes see things that we cannot. Bravo……. …..I just love the way you look through your lens and weave stories. Brilliant. ..You are a genius. Each of your photos tell a complete story. And, these are also the proof of your amazing visualization.

Jaydeep Mukherjee

TestimonialBHPhoto gallery: Great Works Milindo !

Paresh Choudhury

TestimonialYhope you’re changing the world as always :)

Lekha Washington

TestimonialBPPhoto gallery: What an absolute treat! Amazing colours, Delicious moments,Fantastic Stories! All thumbs up

Prosenjit Ganguly

TestimonialBAPhoto gallery: Those are awesome :)

Gayatri Patil

TestimonialBBPhoto gallery: Your pictures are absolutely mind blowing. You are indeed a gifted photographer.

Uttara Deka

TestimonialAPhoto gallery: You have captured so many beautiful moments in time. You seem to be at the right place, the right time and with incurable passion.

Candace Davenport Van Hout

TestimonialIi really like your blog – good interesting stuff as always !

Aditi Tayade

TestimonialBU#NowFollowing @Milindo_Taid One of the most influential n interesting mentor from my design school. Always loaded. :)

Kunal Maithani

testimonialvaMilindo Taid – ace teacher, rockstar guide to my projects at film school, guitarist and photographer too. Really good human being as well

Vaani Arora

TestimonialTveryveryinterestingwebsite.have been visiting! thankyou!

Junuka Deshpande

TestimonialEI was just looking at your website… amazing it is… full of knowledge as always..

Shaan Memon

TestimonialBIWith all the magical places you are checking off your bucket list! I want to know how to be you :)

Upasana Nattoji

TestimonialLYou’ll love this site by the awesome Milindo Taid

Vaani Arora

TestimonialBEPhoto gallery: Amazing photographs each one telling a story. You are blessed on telling stories through your pictures Milindo.

Joydeep Phukan

TestimonialXYou are awesome :)

Vaishali Thakkar Mendiratta

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