Vaani Arora

testimonialvaMilindo Taid – ace teacher, rockstar guide to my projects at film school, guitarist and photographer too. Really good human being as well

Akshay Ghildiyal

TestimonialBLMilind never told u but u were my first true inspiration….I almost learnt the guitar watching u play…..thanx for being there

Ambar Das

TestimonialQStill a fan of your unique and sweet finger strum on acoustic guitar. It made an ordinary guitar sound great. Would just love to see and hear one of those too.

Nandini Biswas

TestimonialMPhoto gallery: Outstanding Milindo. All your pictures are unique and it’s a delight to see them over and over again. I must add, you are a bundle of talent, music, photography, literature, compassion and the list is enormous.

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