USC Annenberg

Anthony Giddens lectures at the USC Annenberg: On Globalization

‘Globalization and Communication’ is what Anthony Giddens lectures about in this recording from 2008 at the USC Annenberg. A sociologist of considerable repute and a prolific author to boot, Giddens talks about the impact and debate of globalization, calling it the single most important debate of the beginning of this century. He also considers this as one of many debates pointing to the dislocation with the enlightenment project. Includes a Q & A with a pointer to India as well. Give it a listen, accept OR reject him.

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Albert Bandura: Stanford Psychologist, in Conversation

” Accomplishment is socially judged by ill defined criteria so that one has to rely on others to find out how one is doing. “

Influential Stanford psychologist, professor Albert Bandura, is in conversation with fellow psychology professor Gian Vittorio Caprara of the Sapienza University of Rome. This recording is from August 26, 2013, in the studios of Stanford University, CA, USA. Listen in.

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